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Got my 2003 Rincon

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Hello to all. I bought a non running rincon. Took motor apart and replaced rings, timing chain, guide, tensionor, oil pump chain and orings. Also misc other orings and of course the head gasket and other major gaskets for the top end. It runs great! I have no shifting in auto mode. I'm thinking its because the speedo is not working. I get no code for the speed sensors though. Actually I'm getting no codes at all. I unplugged the TPS sensor and it gave me the code for that so I'm thinking the diagnostics are functioning. Anyhow just trying to see if anyone here has had similar issues. I like running it in manual though. I just like to have everything working. Next I am replacing the front wheel bearings and a cv boot on the left rear. Front brakes need work too. Have any of you guys tried the disc conversion kit sold on here? Guess I'm rambling now? Let the games begin!!
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Welcome to the forums. I don't have a Rincon, but there's a few guys on here that do, so maybe they will be able to help. If you don't have a repair manual for your Rincon, you can download one from this site.
Thanks Helmut! I have another issue I forgot to mention. I get no engine braking unless idle is set really high. Is this normal?
I'm not sure, but I think that might be normal for the Rincon. I've heard a lot of people talk about their lack of engine braking or being geared too high for descending steep hills. Some of these other guys on here that own a Rincon should be able to tell you.
Yeah, I agree. If the speed sensor is bad, there's no way it can shift right in auto.
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