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good deal or not??

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Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my current kawi prairie with a foreman and I have a few questions. I have found 3 that fit in my price range but what is considered "high milage" for a four wheeler and are any of these worth it?
The first one I'm looking at is a '03 foreman es 450 with 1700 miles and a 190 hours. It has vampire tires and rims but no snorkels, which atleast means it hasn't been submerged. I believe one of the boots may be torn so that would have to be replaced but I believe everything else is in good condition from what I'm told. They want $2750 at the moment but I figured with a torn boot I could get them to come down.
The second one is a '05 foreman 500 with only 40 hours on the clock. not much detail on this one but they want $3000 which is a little over what I'm wanting to pay.
The third is a '06 500 foreman es that also has tires and rims and only has 282 hours on the clock and they want $3600, again alittle more than I want to pay.
Right now I'm leaning towards the '03 foreman because its slightly cheaper even if I have to replace a boot. Would any of these, except for the '05 of course, be considered high milage or high hours? and would it be worth what they want? Thanks!
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Hi there, i would suggest to get the least upgrade and less mileage for this will surely be a fresh one.
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