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Good day with the 40ES

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Spent some time this afternoon helping my son pull some trees and large bushes from his yard, very overgrown. Made the 98 Foreman 450ES grunt on a few of the larger logs as the trees and bushes are all entangled together. The best news is for the first time I found out my fan does function as it spent some time idling and then pulling without being shut down. Very happy to know the fan comes on when the oil heats up..another thing I got fixed with help from this forum. Yeah team...
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holds the cover down. take the cover off, ya get to the handle bar. also you can mount toggle switches, on spotlight cover., i.e. display cover.. {i had to go to honda east, look at the diagrams, again. i had all this off before, just couldn't remember}. going gray.
brains going white. :icon_ nono2: :icon_ nono2:
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