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Congrats to Goober for winning this month!


1986 TRX350A Fourtrax was built in Sep 85 and purchased in CA. First owner rolled it shortly afterward and never drove it again. Took nine months to get it titled b/c of back fees!!
Fixed stuck valve, acid-cleaned rust clogged fuel tank, replaced leaky fuel pump, rebuilt the fuel petcock and carb. Searched five years to acquire OEM parts and optional accessories: replaced both fenders, added 3M conspicuity stripes, hour meter, the Holy Grail speedo kit, headlight riser, front basket/carrier, rear cooler carrier with optional toolbox trapdoor, mud flap kit adding Yosemite Sam flaps, exhaust turndown, driving light lens and headlight guards, and hondaline front bumper. Future work includes adding a 12V hookup for work lights, comm and navi.
I have all the original parts including tires.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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