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General questions about an 86 350 fourtrax

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I am a first time atv owner, I'm also a jeep owner. that being said. I am really happy with the power on my atv, but the turning is worse than my jeeps! is this normal, do they have someting that can help this, or do I have a problem that needs fixen? thanks a lot.

One last question, how many times can i make the double jump in my back yard before I break something? I'll let you know when it happens!

the bike is all original, even tires!
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I think I"M done jumping for the winter, I almost slid into a tree. I'm insured two different ways, but I don't think my wife would like taking care of me and the baby.

good to know that the steering sucks in stock form. I know that the original owner hit a tree with the front right, and they replaced tie rods and such up there. Just wanted to know if they did everything right. I'll get pics of up soon.
I looked at everyting, and so did my brother, who has bent a lot on the front of his quad. and everything is straight and super clean, the whole bike was way too clean for me. I got it from an old guy who got it from his mom who was the one who hit a tree with it. SO I'm making it dirty.

I just wanted to know if I needed to run the tie rod out or the pitman arm in a little
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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