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Gear Reduction question

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2007 420 4x4. I have a 2" lift and a 2" stretch. I'm wondering what I would need/look into getting to be able to solidly run 30" tires. Blew the seals on my rear end so it needs a rebuild anyway, and I want to do a reduction while it's open. I don't know anything about gear reductions and the science behind it, so please help.
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Ok. I gotcha! Yeah I know trucks but kind’ve oblivious when it comes to atvs. A 35% is good for what tire sizes? Obviously 30 because that’s what I asked about but any bigger?
Ok! I actually have 30” silverbacks that’s I’m about to get wheels for and with my rear end issues, im just going to do a little work now so I’ll have less issues in the long haul. As for what I ride in, I refuse to sink it completely in water even though I have it snorkeled with the radiation relocated, but I am not scared to put it in a mud hole. Outside of a mud hole, some trails between mud holes is what I ride on. And by no means do I need to be going 60mph. My plan was like a 29.5-32” tire, but I think I will stay with the 29.5 or 30”, I was just curious on what sizes the reduction is “ideal” for. Thank you for your help!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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