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Gear oil spraying from the shaft boot

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I have been searching the site with no luck. I got doused today by a gusher of oil coming from the shaft drive boot. Is there supposed to be that much pressure in there? If so then I need to find any write ups on boot replacements. Also this was a freebie machine because they thought the engine was messed up. It ended up needing a new spark plug. I filled it with synthetic oil and filters and now I have a nice free four wheeler. As a result I am very new to these things, but have plenty of wrenching experience as a result of an often broke old Bimmer. Thanks for any help or explanations on this spraying gear oil situation!
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I may be using the wrong terminology. This is the flexible rubber boot between the shaft drive and the motor. There was a lot of pressure in there. Sprayed what looked to be gear oil. What should I do first/next?
Thanks! Any advice on the best place to find parts online?
Ok, I am going to tackle this. Thanks to your other posts I found this RIVA site.'s 1986 Honda ATV TRX250 FOURTRAX 250 Parts List

I am guessing that 21 is the seal I need to stop the leak into the rubber boot.
Good advice. Will do. I may be reading the diagram wrong, but it looks like it might be possible to get at that seal from the top, but I am sure it can't be that easy.
If this is the seal I need to replace this should be an easier job then I thought!
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Just an update. I replaced the seal you mentioned and also the one on the output gear case as it also looked shot. Pinion bearings seem to work great. I did pull out the output gear case half the way though. I am assuming that was a bad thing as I can't kick start anymore (no resistance) and I am not quite sure neutral is working as free as it should be (that could just be my imagination)
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