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gear indicator acting up

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I have a stock 07 Honda GPScape Rubicon. When I start it up the gear indicator just has the two dashes showing like as if it is between gears and the D1, D2, and ESP indicator just blinks. When I put it in forward gear the bike moves just like normal but when I put it in reverse it spits and sputters and acts like it is gonna die, will barely make the bike move. It hasnt been run much just sits in garage with a battery tender on battery waiting for the next snow storm so it can do some plowing. Anybody have an idea where to start looking for problem?
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Take your left tank cover off, and look at your gear position switches. Hose them out with contact cleaner and see if that helps. The reverse sputtering is because one of the sensors doesn't show the bike is in reverse. It's a built in safety measure.

When you put it in reverse, the R has to show up AND the red reverse light must be on. If both are not present you get the sputtering.

Next time you put it in Reverse, wiggle the shifter around and see if you can get both the R and the light, and see if it sputters.
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