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Fuse box replacement

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I have a 2004 honda foreman 450 fm
The fuse box shorts ,out bike while be running fine then start losing fire and die.
Go to crank it and wont crank figit with the fuse box and then cranks right up and runs like a champ. I'd like to know if there is some sort of fuse box delete I can do or a way to replace fuse box with out having to replace the whole wiring harness.I have pulled all the fuses and cleaned box with eletrical cleaner and went back with eletrical grease on fuses none of the wires on bottom of box are striped burnt or showing wire .
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I replaced my fuse harness because mice chewed it all up. I would get into the parts breakdown (wire harness) and see how it’s broken down.
I found one on fleabay for $60

It doesn’t look like your model can swap in what they call a line replaceable unit. So maybe you buy a whole harness and or clip off the bit you need. Understand the splice needs to be a top job.


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