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Fuel pump not pumping gas 2007 rancher 420

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Like the title says, my old 2007 rancher 420 foot shift does not pump gas. It has not run properly for years and I quit messing with it several years ago. It sat for several years and the gas smelled like kerosene when I drained it and replaced it with e10 and added several ounces of seafoam. I added an inline fuel filter so I could see if there are particles, etc. Now, the pump seems to run for a few seconds when the switch is turned on and the injector clicks okay. Both make the same noise they always did. I took the fuel line off the top of the pump and it sputters a minute bit of gas when the key is turned on, but that is it, just a bubble or two.

Is there anything I need to check before I buy a new OEM pump? The pump does seem to vibrate (run?) when touching it and makes a small clicking sound at the injector for several seconds once the key is turned on, then both go silent.

I bought the thing new in 2008 and like I said, it sat with old e10 in it for years. I may have 10 or 15 hours on it since new. Just never really used it.

Thanks for any help before I start replacing stuff I hope I don't need to. djc
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You could try replacing the fuel filter. Personally I'd replace the pump and filter as one.
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