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fuel injection treatment?? 420 rancher

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ive got a question for anyone who may have made the same mistake. i messed around and accidentally put gas+oil mix [like what youd put in your weedeater] in my rancher,...i usually wouldnt have made this mistake but my dad got a new gas can. ok cut to the point, it was probably half a tank and i already had a half a tank of regular in there so it had to have been pretty smoking or any problems since. ill put a new plug in soon but you think i should put some lucas fuel injector cleaner in there to be sure? ive never heard of anyone doing this but i dont see what it would hurt.....your opinions or experience?
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Depending on the original mix when you poured it into what you already had in your tank chances are you deluted it to the point of it not hurting anything. running the Lucas F/I cleaner wont hurt anything I personally use Seafoam you should be fine. If it's running ok I wouldn't bother with the plug either.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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