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Frozen Wrist Pin/ TRX 350

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Hi people, I have a 2002 TRX 350FM that I'm trying to rebuild the top end. The problem is that the wrist pin is frozen in the piston/arm. After I removed both circlips, I placed a small socket against one end and used a large c-clamp to try and press it out, but it won't budge.
This motor had run low on oil and burned the piston, rings and scored the sleeve. So I assume the pin is seized in the crankshaft rod. The piston is even hard to rock back and forth.
Any thoughts on how to get it out?
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Make sure part of the piston is not melted down on the side blocking the wrist pin. I have seen them do this a lot. Also, when you get it back together, make sure the fan is coming on. The 350 Rancher is known for the fan to quit working, causing it to melt the piston and rings.
Must be a relay or something. I've really not checked. I always just wire the fan straight up, because I figure if it does it once, it will do it again since I have seen this probably so many times I can't keep count.
Yeah, be careful. If you beat on it with a hammer, you might destroy your rod bearing.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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