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Frozen Wrist Pin/ TRX 350

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Hi people, I have a 2002 TRX 350FM that I'm trying to rebuild the top end. The problem is that the wrist pin is frozen in the piston/arm. After I removed both circlips, I placed a small socket against one end and used a large c-clamp to try and press it out, but it won't budge.
This motor had run low on oil and burned the piston, rings and scored the sleeve. So I assume the pin is seized in the crankshaft rod. The piston is even hard to rock back and forth.
Any thoughts on how to get it out?
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That sh*ts melted son. Use a vice torch hammer and steel rod or a small ass rebar mettal rod and beat that sh*t like cheap hooker. I did the same thing on my boosted f22 I dropped my oil pan on a f-in speed bump and I had to do what I said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to get the wrist pin out of my $500 forged pistons and rods...witch I sold not soon after I didn’t trust it after I worked it the way I did.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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