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Front Rack Supports

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Does anywhere in the uk do these front rack supports ?
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No, not unless your able to find a used set.
All 350d parts are discontinued, a lot of aftermarket parts are also nolonger available.

If you can post some good photos along with measurements I could make you some.

Where are you based in the UK? I'm near Southampton.
Yeah, parts for those 350's are hard to come by now, especially here in the UK!
Postage shouldn't cost to much, about 8 quid or thereabouts.
Manufacturing cost... I'd estimate £30 to £40, time and materials depending. They will come oiled (to prevent rust), not painted.

Also, these will be custom made and as close to OEM as possible, please don't expect an exact replica. :)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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