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front disc brake swap Q's for 90' 300fourtrax

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I bought 90' TRX300FW, the front brakes need to be completely gone though. Instead I'd like to swap for disc brakes. All the kits I see are fror 92 and up. Is this because of wheel size, what I mean is did the previous years have smaller wheels that would not allow for the discs and calipers???? What is the difference in the hub/wheel/brake set up that will not allow these kits to work on pre 92'??? thanks - Egan
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found out the deal......if the front drums have the two small bolts with 8mm heads holding the drum to the hub the kit will work. apparently some pre 92 300 2wd's had a different front drum set up than the 300 4wd so the kit is only advertised for 92+
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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