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Front brake bleeding no pressure ???

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I have a Honda RANCHER 2004 trx. I started out by just wanting to replace the front brake pads..well..2 days later I went ahead and bought a new master cylinder, and each of the front brake cylinders (2 for each front wheel)...I didn’t buy the rebuild kits cause it was almost the same price as the fully assembled part.. so after putting the new master cylinder on, and all 4 of the front cylinders, I started to bleed the lines.. I filled the master with fluid, pumped the handle several times, opened the bleeder valve on the wheel and let the bubbles come out. Did this many times on each front wheel until I saw no air bubbles coming out. The problem is there is no pressure on the front brakes unless I pump the lever about 10 times then the brakes work, I let go of the lever and again no pressure. I went back to bleed again, no air bubbles! No leaks that I can see on any of the lines. What did I miss? I am confused because all the parts are brand new OEM. Anyone have any ideas or tips? I’m stumped. I don’t think I have a clog in any of the lines or else I wouldn’t be getting fluid to come out the bleeder valve right?
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These comments are included in the sticky but I'll explain again anyway...

Since there are two adjusters inside each brake drum, the best way to adjust those brakes is to tighten each adjuster out all the way so the shoes completely lock the drum up. Then turn that same adjuster back just 3 -4 clicks, which allows you to turn the brake drum so you can adjust the opposite adjuster up tight. Back that 2nd adjuster off 3-4 clicks like you did with the 1st once the drum is locked up.

The drum should now rotate with effort and you'll feel the brake shoes dragging... thats perfect.

Repeat the process on the other brake drum.

Then bleed any residual air from the master cylinder and out through the brake bleeders.

They can be a bugger to bleed sometimes... let us know if you have any questions.

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They might need to be readjusted right away since the shoes are new. The manual says to adjust each adjuster all the way tight, then back it out 3 clicks. I'd do that right now... then adjust them again after the new shoes wear enough to conform to the drums (break-in).

If the lever feels spongy, or if it pulls all of the way back (up against the handlebar grip) then you'll have to bleed air from the system again. While the front brakes may never be powerful enough to lock up and slide the front wheels, the lever should be solid and stop before it reaches the grip when you yank on it.
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