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Front brake bleeding no pressure ???

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I have a Honda RANCHER 2004 trx. I started out by just wanting to replace the front brake pads..well..2 days later I went ahead and bought a new master cylinder, and each of the front brake cylinders (2 for each front wheel)...I didn’t buy the rebuild kits cause it was almost the same price as the fully assembled part.. so after putting the new master cylinder on, and all 4 of the front cylinders, I started to bleed the lines.. I filled the master with fluid, pumped the handle several times, opened the bleeder valve on the wheel and let the bubbles come out. Did this many times on each front wheel until I saw no air bubbles coming out. The problem is there is no pressure on the front brakes unless I pump the lever about 10 times then the brakes work, I let go of the lever and again no pressure. I went back to bleed again, no air bubbles! No leaks that I can see on any of the lines. What did I miss? I am confused because all the parts are brand new OEM. Anyone have any ideas or tips? I’m stumped. I don’t think I have a clog in any of the lines or else I wouldn’t be getting fluid to come out the bleeder valve right?
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did you adjust the brake shoes out in the drums BEFORE you started to bleed brakes ?. if you did not ?, then this is one of your problems, as well as air in the brake lines.
start here -------------> . ( really wish you folks would read the sticky's ).
Thank you all for your help. The part that I was missing was turning the adjusters all the way back out and a few clicks in again. I must have missed that part in my internet search somewhere. ;-)

I do appreciate everyone's help and guidance on this. They are working like a champ now.

I do have one question, should they lock completely up to where I cannot forcefully turn them by hand? I mean, they do lock and they are pretty tight, but if I really try to spin the tire I can move them. One side of me says no, but the other side of me thinks about what they really are, just friction and it would turn a bit if enough pressure was put on them.

*I am sorry I did not check the sticky section, it was late at night and i was frustrated and didn't think to look there. Sorry about that.
np about not reading :). as for locking up ?, you can lock them up from not spinning by hand ?, but when driving ?, you will never lock up drum brakes !. ( least i've never been able too ? ).
ah ok. just making sure they were adjusted correctly. They seem to stop the bike from going forward which is what i am pretty much aiming for .. lol. I obviously have never worked on brakes before (can you tell? haha!)... i am good at taking things apart, putting things back together correctly is the part I lack.

Thanks again!
yw :). practice ..practice ! over 25 years of working on this stuff, takes practice !!
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