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Fox Floats Experience

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Next upgrade is going to be front shocks.

Debating between 450R's, Elka Stage 1's, or Fox Floats.

Elka's and Floats are close in price, and 450R's are quite a bit cheaper.

I love the idea of the Fox Floats, but not sure how they actually perform compared to the others.

Just looking for some experiences and opinions.

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I had a set of floats but sold them. I found out fox used the same shock on the 450r and 700xx, making it alot shorter shock than the original 700xx. I was unable to get my ride hight set, which is why I sold them to member on the 450r forum. As far as I know he loved them. I'd have to look but Elka Stage 1 is probably a basic shock with just preload adjustment.

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Fox/Elka's are aound $700-$750 and 450r's I can get for just under $400

The cheapest I see Elka stage 1's is $649.99 For $999 you can get the complete set of Elkas stage 3 legacy series. I know you said your trying to keep cost down, but I'd go this route spending the extra $250. You'd get all 3 shocks and compression adjustment and rebound on the rear. You can add the rebound clickers to the front, if you want but it cost more. Also you can add them down the road yourself if wanted.

And if wanting to keep cost down you may wanna look at some new take off 450r shocks, that is if they fit okay. I see these all the time if you look on the 450r forum. I personally love the looks of the Fox evol float shocks, but for dependability I'd stay away. If your out riding and you get a seal leak, the Elka's still have the spring, as the floats leave you with no suspension.
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