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So, I have been handed down a 05 Rancher ES 350.

It has been sitting for the past 5-6 Years, and hasn't really been ridden besides once a year. It sits on my property, and no one touches it (as far as I know). I really wanna rebuild it, and upgrade it to maybe a 400. The only thing is, it gets a oil change once every 5 years (from what I'm hearing). It runs pretty well as I see, but I only have had it for 3ish months. I don't know if I should stop where I'm at, and rebuild the engine now or what. I just am looking for what to do from here on.

Thanks for the read. :big-grin:big-grin

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I would just go over it and do what鈥檚 necessary, if the engine isn鈥檛 knocking/rattling or smoking it鈥檚 fine :) No point wasting money on something that doesn鈥檛 need fixing.
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