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Hey all, i have another thread going over on another part of the forum, but i seen this side has a little to deal with the wiring issue. Im going to copy and paste what i posted there to see if i can get help here.

We traced them down and seem to know where the problem is but , not knowing much about relays, not sure why the problem is still happening. In the picture below, we found out that a and b are the 2 wires responsible for my down shift issue. So it does try to work, but something in the box is messed up. Its like the circuit isnt completing. If we take both a and b out and wire them together, the down shift will work, but then my up shift will quit working. Now this harness is something that isnt factory, i dont believe. All the wires are individually plugged in, almost as if there was a male harness and it was cut off. So what do i do from here? I want this to work right. Oh, we also left them both plugged into the harness and then split into them together, but it kept blowing a fuse, so that was a no go. We are close, but i need expert help here!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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