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fourtrax 300 4x4

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my honda fourtrax 4x4 1999 seems to lost power,had carb cleaned, gas tank cleaned, when you throttle and shift it doesn't go like it use to,any ideas??
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choke valve wont come out of carb

I am trying to get my choke cable off and the choke valve and seat seems to be stuck in the carb. I can unscrew the plastic nut but the assembly wont come out, how the heck can I get it out now ive tried soaking it with wd40 but doesnt seem to be doing anything has anyone had this problem?
Thanks, great forum here...Ive had this 4 wheeler since I bought it new in 88 and I am restoring it with my son It has been unbelievably reliable, anyway back on subject here I cant disconnect the cable from inside the carb there is no free play what should I do cut it and start drilling? By the way nice wheeler in your profile pic. helmut
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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