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Fourtrax 250 tires

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Hi everyone, I need to put new tires on my 1985 Fourtrax 250. The stock front tire is 21x7x10 & the stock rear tire is 25x12x9. I found some times I like but they are slightly bigger & wondering if anyone knows if they will work ok.

For the front I was going to use Carlisle AT489 23x7x10. So being 2" taller from 21 to 23, will it be an issue?

For the rear I was going to use Carlisle HD Field Trax 25x13x9. So being 1" wider from 12 to 13, will it be an issue? It looks like it should work but looking to hear from someone with experience. Thanks!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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