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hello... I have two problems I need to address...I finally got it running by... kicksart only... I have bought a new solenoid and checked power to the switch and out of the switch...both places are getting power. but the solenoid isnt receiving power from the starter switch also the other lead does have constant power with ignition on ..If I try to jump it at the solenoid it wont do a thing. is there a fuse somewhere or is my battery to weak to do anything it has at least 9-10 volts right now. I tested the starter off the atv and it did turn over.

My next problem is the rearend is making very nasty noises and when I try to go it seems to slip and not move hardly at all and gets into a bind. If I put it on jacks it will go through all the gears but makes those nasty noises. If I grab the hub in second gear it will usually bind the gears and cause the tranny to slip as well... is the rearend fixable and is the tranny screwed up too or is made to slip when the rearend binds up
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