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Four track build

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Hey guys, I’m trying to do a build with my 300 fourtrax and want to make my own 6 inch lift! I need too know how to make my own extended arched a arms for the front and how to modify the drive shaft for that?
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Knowledge in geometry ----- then trail and error ---- a lot of people's first lift builds were failures , after a few tries to get a model and height right , they build off templets and duplicating ----so builders are not going to be too sharing , about giving info that they learned and are making money with

I paid a well known 300 lift builder to build me a kit for the front of my 450 , it was built pretty and I had to take it off and send it back to him for credit , as the geometry was off just a little and there were numerous problems , and I spent hours trying to make it work

A lathe and a press to build a swing arm extension ?
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