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Well guys and gals just like the title says. I found out how far you can push your stock single row carrier bearings on a 400ex. Came up short on a 35 or so foot double and heard a loud kink and skid to a stop. Shattered both inner races into 3 pieces and one of the pieces went right into the axle shaft and destroyed everything. Lucky for me i had a good friend with some killer parts dirt cheap. I got a lonestar +2 axle and carrier that all it needed was bearings for 150 bucks. So i got to work and got it all installed today in time to go take it for a test ride. And i thought i could corner fast before. Boy was i wrong. That 2 inches is nutty how much it helped. Heres a few pictures. One is of the jump that did the bearings in. And the other is of all the new stuff installed! Happy Trails Everybody!


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