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Found On Tuesday Ride

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On Tuesday my buddy and I went for a ride on locked property (with permission). The land is approximately 1,000 acres, some of which is leased to deer hunters. Through the middle of the property runs Deep Fork river.

There is an old, old cabin that sits beside a stream, near a small waterfall that we tried to get to but couldn't due to the nearly 10" of rain we've seen this month.

Anyway, out in the middle of literally nowhere we found an old farm implement, which we believe to be a horse drawn sod cutter.

Stamped R. Case, it's easily a century old. There is another implement laying close by, but we'll wait until this winter when the vegetation has died to give it the once over.

Obligatory pic of Deep Fork river from a bluff overlooking it...

Nice to see the foliage nice and green this time of year, as usually it's already brown from lack of rain.
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