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Found On Tuesday Ride

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On Tuesday my buddy and I went for a ride on locked property (with permission). The land is approximately 1,000 acres, some of which is leased to deer hunters. Through the middle of the property runs Deep Fork river.

There is an old, old cabin that sits beside a stream, near a small waterfall that we tried to get to but couldn't due to the nearly 10" of rain we've seen this month.

Anyway, out in the middle of literally nowhere we found an old farm implement, which we believe to be a horse drawn sod cutter.

Stamped R. Case, it's easily a century old. There is another implement laying close by, but we'll wait until this winter when the vegetation has died to give it the once over.

Obligatory pic of Deep Fork river from a bluff overlooking it...

Nice to see the foliage nice and green this time of year, as usually it's already brown from lack of rain.
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Very cool. It's interesting to find stuff like that waaaay out in the middle of nowhere.

We found an old car (late 20's, early 30's) out on some land Dad has. Apparently there was an old homestead out there once upon a time.

Around here you can tell where old houses were in the woods by looking for Jonquils. If you find a patch of them in the woods, look around, and you'll likely find remnants of a house.
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How cool, I love it when I stumble upon old 'things' left out in the wilderness and undergrowth. Usually, in the UK, it's old buildings, caverns or mines we tend to come across. I do remember @rodp dragging me up a mountain somewhere in Wales when I was a child to find a WW2 Lancaster bomber engine (Rolls Royce Merlin), it was hammering down with rain, I was cold, wet and tired but still he insisted on getting to those coordinates! We never found it unfortunately, it must have been recovered or moved to a local museum before we heard of its whereabouts. Would have been awesome to see though.
That would be sweet. My granddad was a pilot in WW2 so anything WW2 related fascinates me.

There's a big difference in "old" here vs "old" over there. LOL. We don't have any Roman walls in North America.
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Yeah it didn't seem so appealing when I was about 10 years old being dragged up a wet boggy mountain haha.. Admittedly though, it would be awesome to see now, I'm assuming it had either rotted away over the years or the remains had been collected for a museum or stolen by local scrap dealers.
On our local news station I heard some guy was out metal detecting on our East coast a week or so ago and uncovered a Roman coin gold hoard, haven't heard much about it since. There's been quite a few over the last ten years though and I'm sure there's plenty more to be unearthed yet. If history etc interests you, you really should make a trip to the UK, so much to see and so many interesting museums around the country.
I made a trip there around 1990 when the air fare wars were going on. Mostly nosed around London but the parents took me out into the Cotswolds too.

I remember the Tower, and the War Museum...and Wimpy's. Been a long time ago. I'd love to come back now that I'm grown and could appreciate things a little more.

Any if anyone finds gold coins and reports them to anyone, he/she is a fool. If the Spanish don't try to claim in, the local government certainly will.
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what's a " Jonquils "

somebody I am sure collects early Case farm implements and would love "$
" to have that one
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