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I have a 200 foreman 400 that is stalling while driving in high gear. It intermittently loses power and goes back up to speed. the engine has also stopped completely while pulling off to the side of the road. What could be the problem?

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welcome to the site, many things could cause this stuff, from as simple as BAD fuel, OLD fuel, water in fuel, dirty fuel?
SO< to start ruling things out, drain tank and start with a CLEAN tank and then NEW fuel
NEXT would be to clean fuel peacock, and carb, as odds are IF you had bad fuel,. you have dirty carb's
while at it I would suggest replacing fuel line from tank to arb too(cheap and ensures line isn't holding any crap that will get your cleaned carbs dirty after you spend time cleaning them!
IF someone added an inline fuel filter, replace that with a new one

do this and let us know how it goes
IF this doesn't fix things
I would next suggest a compression test, see what that says
and if that is GOOD< then MY guess will be a BAD CDI
again that is IF you do the first things and still have issue;s

I have a 1999 400 foreman since new, my CDI went at about the 13 yr old mark, they DO go bead and gave me all sorts of running issue's when it went, but try the others first, will NOT hurt anything and odds are the carbs could use a cleaning any ways LOL
and DON"T BUY an aftermarket CDI< too many DON"T work right!, buy an OEM one IF you need one!
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