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Foreman brakes stuck

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I did a search about this so I wouldn't be asking something that's already been asked a hundred times but I couldn't really find anything. I have a 2000 Honda Foreman 450es and the front brakes stuck. The handle is in the unsqueezed position and barely moves when you squeeze it. It's full of brake fluid. Where would you guys reccomend I start?
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I think there is a discussion on this, but it might be buried...

On mine, after changing the front CV axle.

I filled the 'caliper' (brake backer plate?) by loosening the bleeder valve, then with a syringe (all plastic type) I pumped brake fluid through until no bubbles. Keep the 'fill' side up so it doesn't leak. Tighten the bleeder. This was done with the caliper disconnected, completely.

Then I used the same syringe to pump up through the bottom fitting (you have to be creative to do this part) into the reservoir on the handle bar until full.

When full I held the fluid in the line with one hand, picked up the caliper with another hand, picked up the bolt with another hand and QUICKLY put them all together. You can do it if you have three hands and practice...or ask someone to help!
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a new master cylinder is pretty cheap. sounds like a back bleed valve is stuck or plugged.
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