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Foreman bogs/stutters from idle to WOT

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My 01 foreman 450 ES is bogging down/stuttering (and sometimes afterfires) in 1st and 2nd from a standstill (idle) to WOT. But the problem can not be duplicated in nuetral. There is no problem when i advance the throttle slowly. The problem started about a month ago and since then i have been tinkering, but with no results. The air filter is clean, carb is clean, and new spark plug. I have not checked the fuel lines or fuel filter or pump. I have played with the idle screw and at a higher rpm it seems to fix the problem but then the rpm is to high to get it to downshift. The foreman is stock except for a K&N air filter and mud lites. Originally i thought it was bad gas (water) but since then i have put two tanks through. I don't know what the culprit is and what to check next.
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UPDATE: i just checked the spark plug and it is running lean. Im back to thinking it is fuel related.
Ok thanks im guessing the needle jet is the culprit, either its varnished or has a partial blockage. At least the problem is narrowed down
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