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Foreman 500 Gearbox trouble???

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this, so please be gentle:icon_wink: Long post...sorry.

My new (to me, as it is 2nd hand) Foreman 500 arrives this weekend. I'm buying it from a local Honda quad dealer and he's done me a sweet deal.

The only nagging doubt I have is with another local Honda dealer and the thought he has planted in my tiny brain...

You see since he called me today and told me about his new stock, and I told him of the deal I was getting (way better than anything he would do) he said "the Foreman 500 from 2004 to 2006 had gearbox issues and it will cost you £1500 if it goes wrong." He continued to say "...all our quads are covered by a six month warranty..."

I reckon he's just pissed that I'm not buying from him so he's said this to try and swing me round, and subsequently buy peace of mind.:icon_rolleyes:

So, the short of it is this - are there any gearbox issues? I have searched for such things on Google and not found a single common problem.

Thanks a lot,

Burnsie. :icon_ peace:
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I don't think I have heard of any issues with the Foreman 500. I have heard of problems with the Rubicon models.
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