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The issue just started within the last week for me. If I fill my tank up all the way my fuel gauge will read full for the first 2 or 3 kms of the trip but after that the gauge starts blinking and reading like I have no fuel.

I'm pretty sure (as it does read full - at least for a moment) that the connectors must be still intact. It just seems as though it's only reading the top section of the tank. Is there a fix I can do myself or is this a shop fix? Could it be the unit sensor is just caught on something? No idea what it would be.

The quad is still running fine, I've put I've put around 100kms on it since noticing the issue. I'm not leaking fuel or anything.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Pull the fuel sending unit and inspect it. Take the tank cover off, there are 3 8mm bolts holding the sending unit in place. Remove those, pull up on the sending unit, and then you have to maneuver it around to get the sending unit through the hole.

There are little fingers that contact the circuit board. My guess is either the fingers have corroded or disintegrated from crap gas (ethanol) or they might just need to be carefully bent back to contact the circuit board.

Or you can just buy a new sending unit. They were about $30 new at Honda East Toledo last time I looked.
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