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so the forman is acting up again/still
it fires right up and runs fine for about 45 min or so. then it wont take the gas. It starts to loose power and starts to lunge.The best way i can describe what it dose is,like when you run a car thats overheating untill it stops,lunging.
I can stop once the lunging starts and rev the engine and it will rev up,die down,rev up,die down. if i continue to ride it will get to the point where it wont move. It will lunge,it starts out where it will lunge a few feet then it will eventually get to where it wont still idles but it cuts out bad if given throttle.It will idle as its suppose to though. i can cut it off for 10 min and its good for another 15 min probably.
i thought it was heating at one time.The fan even quit to push me in that direction.I ended up strait wiring the fan to make it work and that made no difference.The fan dont work if i hook it back up the way its supose to be.
I took all the radiator hoses off and blew them out.all the vent lines{radiator is relocated}washed out the fins on the radiator.changed the coolant and thermostat. im wondering if it might be the coil. was told it might be the stater.
Long story with the machine as it is and just tired of the headache. Any advice?
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