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foreman 4x4 not working

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hey all, i have a 2002 foreman 450 with electronic 4x4. it will not shift into 4wheel drive any more. the 4x4 light was blinking 4 times and then pausing. now it isnt even doing that! the battery is dead but with it running i dont believe that is the problem. any ideas? thanks!
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Try charging the battery or putting a new one in it, because I don't think the electric shift models will work right with a low battery. The push button 4 wheel drive may be that way too, because it is controlled by the computer. The computer has to have a certain voltage, before everything works right. If that don't fix it, then you will need a manual to look up the codes. The light blinking 4 times is a code.

Are you sure it's not a 2003? I didn't think they made the push button 4 wheel drive until 2003, but I could be wrong.
it has a electric switch, not a button. after running it for some time today i shut it off. not enough juice to use the starter so pull started. then low and behold, it was working fine! guess i will try a battery! thanks all!
Yeah, but doesn't it have a button to work the electric switch?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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