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foreman 4x4 not working

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hey all, i have a 2002 foreman 450 with electronic 4x4. it will not shift into 4wheel drive any more. the 4x4 light was blinking 4 times and then pausing. now it isnt even doing that! the battery is dead but with it running i dont believe that is the problem. any ideas? thanks!
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My 2002 Honda 450es rancher is flashing 5 codes on 4wheel drive light. Put new battery on. Is not driven in water or mud. Where do I need to start
there are two speed sensors , one is $107 and the other no longer available , there are two speed sensors so the diff doesn't engage if the speed is too much to cause damage to the diff , there is a $600 actuator that engages the 4x4 , there is a $180 clutch control unit , and lots of wires in between , look at the manual and count the flashing light code

I would start with figuring out whta code you are throwing , then unplugging every connector in the 4x4 actuator , speed sensor , control unit circuit , check for corrosion , clean and dieletric grease them to start , make sure you have a fully charged battery

if you find you need any of the front diff parts , like the sensors or actuator , I'd sell you a complete diff for $300 plus shipping , comes with 2 sensors and the actuator and the complete front diff and drive shaft , which the front diff is also no longer available as a assembly
Would you have some type of photo that would show where each one might be located. I’m not a good mechanic by no means
Do you know the part name so I can order them
one is right at the end of the drive shaft that just starts to go into the front differential, right hand side of the differential. the other speed sensor is located at the front top side of the front differential right in the upper middle.
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