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Foreman 450 Engine noise - can you identify from this clip?

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Hi, I am looking at a 2000 Foreman 450 with 1400 miles on it, 1" lift, 27" MudBug tires. It has a new tie rods and bearings, and is in pretty good shape... except for this sound, check out the attached clip that was converted for Youtube by Psychobob on another forum. (thanks again!)

I held the like on the right side of the engine, then moved to the front, about 2 inches away. The machine has good power, doesn't burn oil, and just had the valves done according to the prev owner.

Any thoughts? I am hoping nothing worse than timing chain, but...

YouTube - Honda engine noise

Thanks for your help, great forum!

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Welcome to the forums. Probably a stretched timing chain. Could be a bad tensioner too.
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