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I have an '02 Rancher with a foot shifter. I use the machine for plowing snow, among many other things, and I am constantly driving back and forth and doing a lot of shifting. My big size 17 shoe has a hard time with the funky little shifter pedal. especially upshifting. I solved the problem by adding a heel pedal for upshifting and enlarging the pedal sizes (see the attached photos). I took another shifter arm I had and heated it and bent it to be the reverse of the original shifter. You could also use 3/16 flat stock and cut and bed it to shape.I then welded it to the original and re-installed. I had to cut some of the plastic away so it wouldn't hit. I also added a larger pedal to the foot brake. As you can see, this is a well used machine. It has sat outside uncovered in the snow and rain for the last 17 years and has given me countless hours of use. If that's not a testament to Honda's durability I don't know what is


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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