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fmf megamax pipe and silencer

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is it worth buying for $100?
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For a 100 yes.If you don't like it in the long run it's not a big loss.
probably just a 125 main will do it.Look at your main.If it's a 122 then go to a 125.If it's a 118 go to something close to 120.Good luck.
I'd just go to your local honda dealer.You can get single main jets for like $3 a piece.Thats a lot cheaper than buying a $50 kit.Just take your stock jet with you and they can match it up.Your should have a 118.I'd get a 122 and a 125.Try both.But it'll probably just require the 125.
It'll save you alot of money if you can just buy individual jets.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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