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FIXED - Winch will not power-in, warn plow limit switch "installed"

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I took my Rubicon out for my first trail ride Monday and ended up turning back due to deep water. I was rinsing it off (still new :) )and found my winch would not power-in. Not happy as I figured I got something electrical wet that doesn't like wet. I tired the remote winch control with the same results. I spend about an hour tracing wires and checking connections with no luck.

I was at work the next day thinking about it and realized the last thing I'd done to that system was to remove the plow lift limit switch to avoid damaging it during summer riding. I got home, plugged the connector back in and the winch worked like a charm. I appears the Hall Effect Sensor is a NC switch (normally closed) and opens the circuit when in close proximity to the magnet. I inadvertently created an open circuit when I unplugged it which prevented winching in. I believe the same Hall Effect Sensors are used on the plow power pivot. My fix was to unbolt sensor bracket from plow frame, remove the sensor from it's bracket leaving it plugged in, and zip-tie it out of harms way for the summer. Hope this saves someone a few hours of troubleshooting.:big-grin
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I am unfamiliar with winch limiting switches, I really like the idea and have wondered how to fabricate one. With Warn making one can this device be added to earlier model winches? I am getting tired of breaking winch cables, as it seems to happen in deep snow, wind blowing, cold and wet, and on a day when things just don't seem to be going well. Lol
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