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First time at wayne national forest 5/5/18

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We did 60 miles total for the day. In some sloppy nasty conditions. Quad ran perfect. The forest claimed a few quads that day but mine was one of the few that survived the whole day of non stop abuse. We parked at williams camp grounds and rode all the loops around that area and the main corredor to monday creek. Fun ride over all but way to many rules to just ride some primarily flat trails. Enjoy some gopro footage!

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Next time there you should try your luck at deer stand loop, and be sure and go past the rock garden as well as the water fall on Purdue loop. The 1985 trail that goes under route 33 is also a nice trail.

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Damn Bagley's camp grounds was packed, was Williams? And how'd you like WNF compared to Perry? Your video's got me itching to ride, where did you have the camera mounted? I thought it was those liquid vision goggles, until you took your googles off in 1st video.
There's lots of hill climbs at wayne, just not legally aloud there, but still not like Perry. I seen that dirt bike hit a couple hills in your video.

Also there's a sweet trail off of rattle snake, coming back from Monday creek. Your not supposed to ride it either. But if you do it has a old abandoned mine. And it blows cold air out of it, even on hot summer days. Pretty cool spot for a trail break.

I need a new atv trailer, I wanna ride! My one 700 needs a new battery. It acted up a couple times last year, and it finally died. Not bad for 2008 oem battery.

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