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1994 TRX200D
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Hello all. I took a dive into the four wheeler world a month or so ago when I traded an old motorcycle I had been working on for this 1994 Honda TRX200D. The machine seemed mechanically sound but neglected. After some repairs, replacement and frustrations it is on the right track for a yard chore/kid friendly machine.
-Rebuilt wheel cylinder and replaced front brake shoes
-Wet sanded all plastics (do not recommend) and ended up using a heat gun to get color back
-Bent/torched/welded bumpers back to shape, sanded, primed and painted
-Re-upholstered the seat (foam was missing some pieces but did the best I could)
-Fiberglass/bondo/painted hole in front fender plastics
-New tires (not fun trying to find stock size)
-Corrected electrical gremlins
Had some more parts on order but was notified they are "no longer available" and as a result my order was cancelled. If anyone is parting out a similar year range 200D I would be very interested in a few items.
Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!
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