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finally got it back together,BUT!

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The 2000 Rancher 4x4 es is back together and running great after a topend kit and new crank and rod. I am very impressed with the way the wheeler runs but I have a oil leak around the manual "emergency" shifter shaft seal and the rear drive shaft seal coming out of the motor. Has anyone of yall ever replaced these seals with the motor in the frame? What is the best way to get r done? Thanks for any advise......
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Should have done it with the motor out but it can be done with motor in frame, the shift shaft seal is no big dealjust work it out and put the new one in, the rar seal oh boy!! have to disconnect the drive shaft and drop the swing arm it can be a pain in the backside one can take apart but will be good to have two more hands when putting back together.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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