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famous limp mode with a twist

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I have scoured the threads on the famous limp mode issue. I have had it before and it was the angle sensor. So it is doing it again so i replace the angle sensor and do all the suggested tips, but I have no codes and im not stuck in 2nd just limp in reverse. help
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Model? Throwing a code?

More info would be good.
So it only sputters in reverse?

When you put it in reverse, does the red light show up AND the R show on the display? Brake levers all the way forward?

If the machine doesn't register that it's in reverse, you get the cut out.

If the brake microswitches show the brake is on, you get the cut out.
So you do get both the red light AND the R on the display while in reverse?
Yes, cut the grey and splice into the white.

I just stripped a bit of the white cover off, not cutting the wire, and soldered the grey wire to the bare spot on the white wire.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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