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F/S: 2 Honda Rancher 420 4X4 + Utility Trailer and Ramps $8.5k OBO

I have for sale my whole ATV riding and hauling setup! It consists of 1 2009 Honda Rancher FourTrax TRX420FA (white), 1 2008 Honda Rancher TRX420FE (red), 1 2016 American Trailer 5'X8' landscaping trailer that hauls 1 ATV, 1 set of folding aluminum ramps to drive the other ATV into a truck bed (I have a 6.5' bed and am able to close the tailgate with 1 in the bed), and an assortment of straps. I currenty live in Dearborn, MI, but am willing to drive ~200 miles away to make a deal. Everything is in 100% perfect working order and has been extremely well maintained and always washed after every use and stored in my garage. I also have the clean MI titles for both ATVs and trailer in hand, free of all liens. The only reason I am selling is because I don't have much time to ride anymore and want some garage space back. I can sell everything as a package deal, or separate. I am asking $8500 for the entire package. If sold separately, I would like to get $4250 for the 2009 Rancher and $3750 for the 2008 Rancher and $1000 for the trailer with ramps and other gear.

I bought both ATVs from the separate original owners in fall of 2015. Both ATVs are 100% stock and neither has any damage or cracked fairings. I am an engineer who is absolutely OCD about maintenance, so I completed a huge list of preventative maintenance on each ATV that I summarized below and have documented in detail in a separate spreadsheet that I will provide to the buyer. I will also give the buyer electronic copies of the complete Honda shop manual for both ATVs. You will not find another set of Ranchers in this good of condition and so impeccably maintained.

2009 Honda Rancher FourTrax TRX420FA features:
• 3085 miles and 300.8 hours
• 4X4
• Automatic transmission (can be switched to manual mode)
• Independent rear suspension (rides like a dream!)

2008 Honda Rancher TRX420FE features
• 1971 miles and 210.2 hours
• 4X4
• Electronically shifted transmission (no clutch pedal, you just push a button to shift up/down)

Maintenance performed on both ATVs:
• oil changed with Amsoil and Honda oil filter
• air filters cleaned and re-oiled with No Toil air filter oil every couple rides
• coolant drained and replaced
• spark plug replaced
• valve lash adjusted (This is a huge pain and something a lot of owners try to skip out on. You have to remove a few fairings and fuel tank to even get to the cylinder head, then measure lash with a feeler gauge and then adjust the bolt on each rocker arm. If the valves are not adjusted, you can have accelerated valvetrain wear and poor engine breathing.)
• front and rear differential fluid replaced with Amsoil
• clutch adjusted
• rear brake adjusted

They are fuel injected and always start on the first try and run strong. They are always cleaned up and stored with full tanks of gas+fuel stabilizer and battery trickle charger between rides. The push button electronic shifting is also great for new riders. My girlfriend and I only used them for light trail riding in Northern MI. They also have never been used to plow, so there is no rust on them and the tires are in great shape. Both ATVs already have both their MI trail tags for the year as well, which don't expire until late spring 2018. The only repairs I have made is I recently rebuilt the rear final drive of the 2008 Rancher because it began to make some grinding noises on deceleration when in gear. The pinion bearing felt pretty rough when I removed it, but all the other bearings and gears were fine. I went ahead and replaced all the bearings and dust seals in the rear final drive while it was apart with a Boss Bearings kit. I've been on a couple of long rides since then and everything feels and sounds perfect!

I bought the utility trailer new in fall of 2015. It has 6468.6 miles on it and is well maintained. I have added a full size spare tire, lockable trailer tongue box, D-links bolted through a reinforced floor, wheel bonnets for strapping the ATV down, and a trailer jack with wheels that swings out of the way when not in use. I have always rotated the tires, including the spare tire, every few thousand miles and have recently re-greased the wheel bearings. The trailer will also come with the 4' tall hinged ramp that attaches to the back of the trailer and folds upright when not in use. I removed it to increase my highway towing mileage (+1 to 2 mpg), but it slides back on the hinge pins in 30 seconds.

Also included with this sale will be a pair of folding Aluminum ATV ramps and ratchet straps. The ramps are very light and can be folded up and stored under 1 of the ATVs after it is loaded in a truck.

This is a great setup for a couple who wants to get into riding together and already owns a truck. The ATVs and trailer easily fit in half of my 2 car garage, leaving plenty of room for my truck in the other half, which is why I only bought a small trailer for 1 ATV. The larger trailers that can haul both ATVs would not fit in my garage and leave enough room for me to get in and out of my truck. Just thought I would mention that in case you are thinking about buying the ATVs only and then buying a larger trailer.

The truck pictured is obviously not included in the sale price, but could be sold for the right price :). I'm not interested in any trades, this is a cash only deal. Thanks for looking!


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