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Extreme pressure inside of my motor

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I have a Rancher 350 2002 and it was leaking gas i to my airbox then going into my engine, before i got it fixed it didnt smoke, but then i got it back and it did smoke a blueish smoke, now there is a ton of pressure in my motor and i have to relieve it by cracking the oil cap which sprays oil everywhere, does anybody know what the problem is???? Oh and by the way i'm a new member and i'm not too sure how these forums work.
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On the right hand side of the motor, top/rear, there is a hose attached to the motor case with a small clamp. That is the crankcase breather hose. It goes into the airbox where it connects to a plastic filter holder... that butts up against the foam air filter. Take that entire hose & plastic assembly off from the bike and clean it out. Replace the tiny foam filter inside the plastic holder. Remove the plastic drain from the airbox and clean the airbox out good. Clean & reoil the foam air filter (or replace with new & oil it lightly). Reassemble. You can find a copy of the service manual for your bike linked in THIS THREAD.
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