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Extreme pressure inside of my motor

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I have a Rancher 350 2002 and it was leaking gas i to my airbox then going into my engine, before i got it fixed it didnt smoke, but then i got it back and it did smoke a blueish smoke, now there is a ton of pressure in my motor and i have to relieve it by cracking the oil cap which sprays oil everywhere, does anybody know what the problem is???? Oh and by the way i'm a new member and i'm not too sure how these forums work.
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colour of smoke

i always thought blue was oil smoke, black, too rich, an white,, sometimes the carb, most time water is getting in a cylinder, before cylinder fires. the 64 chevy, 6-cyl, was bad about cracking heads, if you didnt keep a tight rein, on checking the water levels in the radiator.
ya outta seen the cloud of white smoke i left behind me, when i had a cracked head.
no tail-gaiters, or much other traffic behind me, for 3/10, of a mile. :grin
could some kind of crankcase vent tube, be clogged?
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