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Extreme pressure inside of my motor

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I have a Rancher 350 2002 and it was leaking gas i to my airbox then going into my engine, before i got it fixed it didnt smoke, but then i got it back and it did smoke a blueish smoke, now there is a ton of pressure in my motor and i have to relieve it by cracking the oil cap which sprays oil everywhere, does anybody know what the problem is???? Oh and by the way i'm a new member and i'm not too sure how these forums work.
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yes if you didn;'t drain the oil after the fuel was filling air box its very well could have also been draining into your oil; and making the oil very diluted and could cause bigger motor issues as fuel; can dry out seals and gaskets and bearings??
SO< did you change oil after the fuel issue was corrected??
if not, I would start with changing the oil., making sure correct amount is in it, as too much oil can cause too much pressure and that can cause blow by which will make your blue ish smoke?
I would also as stated above check your breather line too!

but my guess is you had a over filled motor due to fuel filling into it as well as your air box!
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