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Hi, im new to the forums and i need help with my 88 trx 350.

Main problem is that it starts up fine, idles normally for like half a second then starts gradually increasing ENDLESSLY in rpms.
When i first bought it, ot idled so low that it would sputter out amd die if you left it alone, the reat of the time ot worked fine. Itook the carb apart and cleaned it thoroughly and put it back together, literally no change better or worse.
I then noticed that the choke cable had alot of unnecessary tension in it because it had been wrapped around the handlebars from the top instead of bottom.
I switched it around so that it was running along the bottom and since then ive been having problems.
Its now idling fine for a bit, then it starts gradually increasing in rpms with no sign of stopping. Is this a carb issue or something to do with the choke cable? Ive tried every possible thing ti change with the choke, even putting it bacm to normal, but nothing seems to help.
Any advice?

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welcome to the forums. you need to fix the choke valve before you start doing guess work. if the choke enrichment valve is not working right like it should ?, you will never get it to idle right !.
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