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Excuse me for putting this here,but I did it because it is a tribute to the best series of sport quads ever made.I went to a bike and stunt show at a local Yamaha/suzuki/kawasaki/seadoo dealership(notice their is no honda).As I watched the T and a oil wrestle and ate their cheap hot dogs,I noticed the stunt show start up.I walked over to be pleasantly surprised that all of the stunt bikes were hondas!I wish i had a camera with me!HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!Their right in front of this dealership was a 300 and 400ex,beat down from what looked like years of stunting hell,doing all sorts of wheelies,stoppies,burning name it!apparently the street bike of choice for stunting is also a honda,a cbr 600.H O N D A for when the show "must" go on.:icon_censored::icon_censored:
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