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ES won’t do anything

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I bought a 2001 Honda foreman 450 es on Sunday rode fine shifted fine turned on. Got it home and won’t do anything. When you go to start it just clicks,so google the problem bought a new starter figure I was good to go. New starter is on and still won’t crank. Messed around with the carb/fuel line/air box and got it fire up for like 20 mins. We turned it off because ES wouldn't do Any thing, doesn’t make Sound won’t shift out of N. We had to manually shift it into N just to fire it up. Any help for a noobie would be great.

*I did buy a new carb to put on*
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I have owned ES models for over a decade and the only (knock on wood) challenges experienced with them is a weak battery. I have experienced batteries good enough to start the unit, but unable to shift correctly, so the battery must be strong to make the ES work properly.
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